What is Attraction Marketing?

by admin on February 21, 2011

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The basic principles in attraction marketing are really quite straightforward and yet so few really understand how to use it effectively, the main reason for this is that most people think that it requires a lot of work and are too impatient to get quick results that they resort to very unattractive spam-like tactics. When you understand attraction marketing you will find how quickly you will build rapport, develop trust and establish your leadership with your new contact, when you do this properly you will recruit with less effort or the need for high pressure closing techniques.

Attraction marketing is about giving VALUE to the people that come into contact with you, so developing relationships should be your primary goal. You do this by offering people valuable information and yes, you will have to do this for free initially, the fact that you give away free information puts you as a person of high value in the eyes of your prospect.

Now you may be quite new to online attraction marketing and you may be saying to yourself; hey hold your horses right there, if I’m brand new at all of this what could I possibly give that is valuable?  The answer is- your knowledge. Make it your mission to learn a new strategy or technique every day and share it; you can put the information up on a blog (if you don’t have one just fill in the green form to your right and I will send you a free e-book on how to do this) or you could make a you tube video. It’s amazing how many people are looking for valuable information. You have to position yourself as someone who knows more.

Learn how to use marketing techniques to laser target your market. There are a variety of techniques out there and my advice would be to pick the one that really fits in with your level of expertise and that really resonates with you. Get really good at that technique before moving on to another, jumping around from one strategy to another will only cause you to become overwhelmed.

Your attraction marketing strategy will come into its own when you really learn how to solve the biggest problem that people face when starting out online and you will be seen to be a valuable leader, when this starts to happen people will seek you out and approach you on how they can join you in your business.

Remember to:


These are the steps you need to follow and in that exact order.

To your unlimited success

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Karen Marrow July 9, 2011 at 4:21 am


This is a great blog you have here! You give an awesome explanation of what attraction marketing is. It’s definitely the way to build a business.

Keep up the great work!

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