Top 5 Elements Needed To Build Your Online MLM Business

by admin on August 13, 2010

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There are 5 very important factors you need to have in place when you are trying to build your online MLM business.

1. The first element is YOU…..That’s right YOU.  This is the number one most important factor in building your mlm online and its also the case offline as well.

You have to force yourself into that necessary leadership role, I will repeat that for you because it is so vital that you understand this above all else

You have to force yourself into that necessary leadership role

If you are not prepared to do that you won’t have the vital element necessary to massively grow your online mlm business. Do whatever it takes to get you to the point where you are a solid leader.

It will not come overnight. You can plug into the personal development or your company’s training. Do whatever to get your head right first because until you do your level of income will only reflect your mindset and how much of a leader you are and how much value you are providing to your leads so until you can educate and market YOU and to provide value you just won’t make it.

You have to be an Entrepreneur and be ready to step up to the plate and be ready take action, you have to lead by example. If you are still not getting results all that means is that you are not providing enough value yet.

Ask yourself a question, if you found you on the Internet would you follow you?

This is the only way you will make money, attract leaders and explode your business.

2. Cash flow-  I don’t know of any business that can survive the first couple of years without solid cash flow coming back in. You need to have a cash flow or you’re out of business. You need to have money coming in today, you need a steady cash flow program in place which has money coming in week after week. This up front money will allow you to  throw money back into your business so you can start creating that huge empire that you want to build. If you are really serious about network marketing you cannot wait for that tiny residual income coming in next month you need to be online and marketing so you can have that cash flow coming in to allow you to pay your bills and put money into marketing your business.

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3. Residual Income- People nowadays are becoming more and more obsessed with get rich quick schemes and I have to tell right here and now that there is no such thing.

You have to start educating yourself on how to create wealth and how to work smart and not hard. The smartest way to do this is from residual income. This is where you receive a regular income long after the work is done, without the headaches of unforeseen overheads or maintenance costs that other forms of generating passive income have.

It is important to understand the power of residual income and how it is something that is built over time, it will not provide you with wealth immediately. This is long term wealth building. It is vital to have a residual income to whatever it is you are marketing.

4. List Building - It is essential when you are building your online mlm business that you start building a list. If you are not building a list that can bring you 50 plus leads per day, you will not get to where you want to go in mlm.

When it comes to the type of income that can change your life,  you have to become an expert at list building. You need to have the tools and strategies that gets traffic and can convert that traffic into quality leads.

5. Affiliate Marketing – You need to be making around 3-4 thousand per month from all of your list building efforts, because 95% of the people that come through your system are going to say no to your business opportunity no matter what it is and that’s okay because you are still going to help them because that’s your position as a leader in this industry, but you have to get paid for doing it.

You also need to have a system that you can plug new people into so they too can benefit from affiliate marketing while they are trying to build their primary business. This will allow you to stay in the game long enough to start enjoying that five and six figure income you are seeking.

To your unlimited success

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Karl G Larsen September 19, 2010 at 8:12 pm


Nice article outlining a few essential elements to building an online MLM business. I think all 5 points that you bring up are important to the health of your MLM business. Keep cranking value, looks good!

Karl G Larsen´s last blog ..What Is Your PVLMy ComLuv Profile

admin September 28, 2010 at 5:07 am

Hey Karl, thanks for leaving a comment. Marketing an MLM business online can be very challenging if you don’t know where to turn or what really works. Appreciate the feedback.

Sofia :-)

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