Success In MLM – What Is Really Holding You Back?

by admin on July 5, 2011

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Contrary to what you may think I am not going to start this post on this very important subject by highlighting the problems that a lot of network marketers face. Deep down you all know what your main problems are and I’ll bet it is something different for each one of you and it would be impossible for me within the confines of one blog post to tell you that I have the answer to all the  problems you are facing. But what I will say is this; I know how you feel because I have been in that place myself and I can relate to your frustration of not being able to understand what you are doing wrong.

 Because each person’s problem is different the solution will be different for each one of you. I don’t know if you ever watched that great movie with Billy Crystal called City Slickers; Billy Crystal is riding with Curley and he turns to him and says “Do you know what the secret of life is?” of course Billy says “no, what?” Curley smiles and holds up one finger and says this, of course Billy being Billy replies “your finger?” and Curley says “Just one thing, you stick to that and everything else don’t mean sh**” As we would all do, Billy wants Curley to tell him what that one thing is, but Curley just tells him that that’s something he will have to figure out for himself, because it is something different for each person.

So what was my one thing? I’m glad to say I didn’t have to go out into the desert and come across all sorts of mischief to find it out. My one thing was a question of  mindset, in other words “We become what we think about”  This wasn’t just an intellectual realisation or a result of watching The Secret one too many times, but a deeper and more profound realisation that took me to places that really surprised me. Once I discovered why it was I was getting the results I didn’t want, everything changed.

So what do you think you have going on in your thinking that is holding you back from success in MLM? I know from my experience that it had nothing to do with the company I was with, because I made the decision to join because the business and the product really resonated with me. My problem came from the constant negative thoughts about the industry. Although I could superficially change my thinking, I was still thinking it on a deeper level and whether I realised it or not, I was projecting that out.

All the mechanics of Network Marketing, such as prospecting and presenting etc are all skills that can be learnt, however they will not mean squat if at a deeper level in your mind you are harbouring any negative thoughts about certain aspects ot what you are doing. I have heard people say that you can join any mlm as long as you understand how to do it, you don’t have to like the product and I am here to challenge that and say “NO!” If you are feeling  any negativity or lack of belief in any aspect of your business, it will be ten times harder to achieve success in mlm, because you will always be pushing against a deeper belief and turning it into a bigger struggle.

In the video below, I would like to share with you the insights that I have discovered that has allowed me to enjoy success in every aspect of my life. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Watch this space for more valuable insights.

To your unlimited success

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Oliver Tausend July 12, 2011 at 11:11 pm

Hi Sofia,

I agree that we might harbour negative feelings towards one or more aspects of our business or the industry as a whole. Let’s face it: Building an MLM business and creating residual income hurts the work conditioning of most people. Are we most people ? I don’t know about you, I am definitely most people ;-)

Thanks for sharing your insights and the awesome video.

Take care

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