Looking For MLM Success? – 5 Powerful Strategies To Kick Start Your MLM Downline

by admin on June 28, 2010

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If you are looking for mlm success then you will know that it is no secret that at least 90% of people who go into MLM never hang around long enough to find out what it really feels like to enjoy true financial and time freedom. If you’re not put off early on by friends and family who you thought ‘would love the idea of going into such an exciting business with you’. Then attrition will get you in the end. Why does this happen? Well the answer is quite simple, the problem is it is not so easy to grasp or implement.

1. Core Values – This is something I learnt from Mark Yarnell, a very successful network marketer and author and I believe it is paramount. To achieve any kind of success in MLM you have to be sure that the company you have chosen matches with your core values. Do you wholeheartedly believe in it and do you think that it is so good that you would get your Mother involved in it? Does the company’s philosophy and products match your core beliefs? Or are you just in it for the money?

If your core beliefs do not match what you are doing then you will, and maybe unwittingly, sabotage yourself just as you reach the big money.

So stop and think right now. Does this deal  match MY core beliefs and do I believe 100% in what I’m doing?

2. Become a leader-  To really make it big in this industry you have to become a leader or what Mike Dillard refers to as an ‘Alpha Networker’. You will most probably have met some of these in your upline. They are the ones who take are willing to step out of their comfort zone and do what it takes. These are the ones willing to put presentations together, host the training calls etc. There is not one leader I believe out there that had all the characteristics required to become an A player in this business. Each one has had to develop in some if not all areas. The thing is you see, these traits can be developed. You just need to sit down with yourself and very truthfully look into which area you need to develop and work on that until you get it. Take baby steps, you will not become a leader in a matter of days, so take your time and perfect one skill at a time.

There are numerous books and trainings out there to help you. I for example am an entrepreneur, I have been in business before so I already know what it takes to own your own business, but I have always been in traditional business. I have had to learn the network marketing model, how to do business online and how to use social media and I am still learning.

It’s very important to develop these traits because when you do you have something of VALUE to offer people, that then makes you more attractive and people are drawn to you. They are drawn to you because you now have something called POSTURE which can be translated as a calm confidence. As you develop and hone your skills people will come to you because they believe that you can help them get what they desperately want. When they come to you you’re number one mission is to then turn them into a leader so people will be attracted to them and your downline will grow exponentially.

I cannot stress enough the importance of of training your distributors to become leaders and supporting them especially in the beginning. I believe this is one of the main causes of attrition, I mean how many people do you know would quit once they are earning more than $10,000 a month?

If you are just starting out you will be wondering how this can be done. Firstly find someone that you know who is successful and and try to emulate what they do. This could be someone in your upline or even someone else you know that has been very successful in business. Study what they do and how they do it. Go back to when they first started out, what got things really going for them. Start reading books like Anthony Robbins or Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard which I highly, highly recommend. What talent do you bring to the table right now as far as your leads are concerned? Are you good on the phone, are you great at public speaking or copywriting perhaps? It doesn’t matter because all you need to know is a little more than the next person and you have already started to create value. When you increase your value through learning you start to become more of a leader to others. Everything you can be is already within YOU.

Make this your mission because without developing these leadership qualities you will never become that MLM superstar you wish to be.

3. Conquer your fear of rejection and become a true professional. When you start out in network marketing if you have not developed the skills of a true professional your experience will be like a roller-coaster of emotions, with every rejection feeling like a kick in the gut and every new enthusiastic prospect being a good excuse for a night on the town. This is not an ‘abundance mentality’ this is not how a true professional behaves and this is why so many people quit this business.
True professionals dont care whether you join their business or not because it is all part of how this business works, they know where they are going and they know there is an endless amount of people out there.

Start treating it like a real business and don’t look at it as a quick fix to your financial situation but as an asset that grows over time.

4. Stop the shameless pitching – I think we have all been a little bit guilty of this particular one until we found it didn’t work. Why? because people are not really interested in your opportunity. People like to buy they don’t like being sold to. They don’t give a damn about your product or how great your comp plan is, they want to make money and they want financial freedom! what they want is a solution, no just another product or biz opp. They have a problem they want money and financial freedom.
So what in heck do you do? You provide them with a solution, you become an expert and you start marketing or teaching solutions like a true leader would do. People will only join you if they believe you are a leader who can help them get what they want or you have a system in place that shows them step by step how to get there. Now you can do this by developing your own course or marketing system, this is what a lot of the big marketers out there have done, just look at how they have done it. Another way is to join up with an already proven marketing system. Personally I have done the latter, being an at home Mum I just don’t have the time to develop my own products. These systems work well because they sell the prospect the ‘how to’ information first providing them with high quality information. As this process goes along you develop a relationship with them because after all that is what this business is about, and eventually they will grow to like and trust you and approach you about your business.

5. Involve- “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  Chinese proverb. The biggest problem in MLM is that it is sold to people who have no idea about being business owners and who know nothing about marketing. They are told to go and make a list of their friends and family and told to go forth and multiply. I’m sorry but this really sucks because the first question I hear them all ask is ‘how?’. They are not shown how to properly market themselves or their opportunity so its no wonder they quit. This is where you and your marketing systemcome in to Inform, Expose Inspire and Involve. What I mean here is that a lot of the times when networkers present their company they give people too much information. KEEP IT SIMPLE is my advice here. If you have done the first part of your job well by exposing people to good quality how to information. Then inspiring them with illuminating and positive content, they will start to feel that you have something in common. Once your prospect joins you involve them gradually exposing then to more high quality information by hosting training calls, getting them to invite their people too. Have an online chat open and available and above all communicate. This business is based on relationships always keep an open communication with them invite expert speakers to your training calls make them feel involved and form a community.

To your unlimited success

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