Know Your Limits

by admin on September 15, 2009

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I was very moved by a story that came out this summer about a bright London lawyer who took her own life on Richmond bridge.


Its hard to believe that this 41 year old mother of three had reached this extreme decision to commit suicide. The coroners verdict was that she had been suffering from post natal depression, but I also guess that having a very demanding job as well as three children under five years old and a partner with an equally demanding career was just too much to take.


Unfortunately nowadays the Uber plate-spinning super Mum is so hyped up that it leaves a lot of us feeling a little inadequate.


As a stay at home Mum myself I have had to realise that I have my limits and although there are plenty women out there who manage to do it all and for whom I have tremendous admiration and respect, I have come to realise that I am not one of them.


This has left me wondering that when our ancestors fought so hard for our emancipation whether they ended up doing us a favour or a disservice?…. I mean not only did they fight for our right to an education and a career but also for the right to let our opinions count for something, however our role in the home has never changed, leaving us with more responsibilities than ever.


I hope the tragic death of this amazing woman should not be used to point a wagging finger at working mothers but as a reminder that even the most intelligent and talented of us have limits, and although there are many mothers out there that stay at home and are extremely satisfied  they are there out of CHOICE, and this is what it is all about, it is what we fought so hard for and what we should strive to uphold. What we should take from this story is that we should know our limitations and find a way of combining work and family in a flexible way.


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