How do we get Wrinkles?

by admin on April 2, 2010

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If we want to understand how we age and what we can do to get rid of those annoying little wrinkles then we need to understand the effect that Free Radical damage has on our skin and bodies.

iStock_000004499151XSmall4 Recently Science has turned it s attention to the study of aging. Antioxidants      ( the  good guys ) and Free Radicals ( the bad guys ) are considered very vital to our understanding of how cancer, aging, illness originates that a lot of research is being conducted into their effects.

What has come from this research in study after study is that much of what was previously understood to be the inevitable signs of aging- externally in the form of wrinkled skin and, and internally in the form of failing organs and brittle bones- can be put down to the cumulative effects of free radical damage to the cells of our body over the course of a lifetime.

So what are free radicals and how do we get them? Well to understand what and how first we have look at what is going on within the cells of our bodies.

Now for the science lesson!

Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that cause damage to healthy cells leading us to age from the inside out. All the molecules in our body have paired electrons. Free radicals on the other hand are unstable because they have one or more unpaired electrons.

To stabilise themselves free radicals steal electrons from stable molecules causing those molecules in turn to also become free radicals, this process continues on and on damaging thousands of cells.

The worst free radical producers

Smoking is one of the worst free radical producers,  each cigarette releasing 10 quadrillion free radicals into our lungs which is why smokers age faster than non-smokers
Ultraviolet rays
X – Rays
Free radicals are also created by our own bodies through normal necessary chemical processes

So what happens over time is these free radicals damage our cells abiliy to function and over time resulting in a new generation of cells that are less productive.
In the case of our skin cells this means that over time the cells responsible for collagen ansd elastin production ( known as Fibroblasts) will be working less efficiently to produce the proteins necessary for our skin’s smoothness, firmness and elasticity

This gradual decrease in collagen and elastin production becomes visible sometime between our late twenties and early thirties when we discover our first wrinkle.

Fortunately for us our cells contain repair enzymes that fix most of this damage, however over time the delicate balance  between damage and repair becomes unbalanced and these cells with damaged DNA multiply creating cells with imperfect structure and making them less able to function properly.

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Melatonin ` October 11, 2010 at 10:57 am

free radicals are the number stuff that causes aging and kills our body slowly but surely’*’

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