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Welcome to my blog

Owning your own life! What does that mean to you or anyone else that you may know?

Well to me it means having enough money to do what I want and having enough time available to do it. Most people do not own their own lives, not only do they not own their own lives, but they don’t even realize it because they are too busy trying to make a living that they haven’t even stopped to contemplate that they have no free time at all.

This is not living life to the full!  This is just existing.

In my blog here its my mission  to help people by pointing them in the right direction to a freer and more fulfilled life. Here we will discuss a range of topics such as; issues that concern you the most, different home business ideas, entrepreneurship, social media, self developement and successful network marketing strategies.

Remember success comes by CHOICE and not by chance

And now a little bit about me….

I was born in a little town you may have heard of called Wimbledon, and if you don’t know where that is its in London, England. I am the eldest of three and we are all very close probably because we were brought up as a single parent family. My mother, god bless her, worked all the hours god sent to give us a decent life. She ,on the other hand, had no life, she had made a decision when she was left on her own, to dedicate herself fully to her family. You should meet my mother she is made of pretty strong stuff, the tough old boot! Funny thing she hasn’ changed much, although she takes it a lot easier these days since we are old enough to look after ourselves, her independent spirit still prevails. This is probably the most important lesson my mother taught me, to be strong, to be independent, to rely on yourself and fight for what is most important to you.

Unfortunately I didn’t inherit her ability to save money, it still amazes me today how she  managed to squirrel away so much money.

Budding Entrepreneur

As a young child my mother had a few cleaning jobs and these were mainly in very large, glamorous houses. It was here, I believe  where I developed my love for the finer things in life! I am a real sucker for a bit of luxury. Anyway I found out early on in life that if this love of all things material was going to be a part of me I’d better get off my rear and go earn it myself.  I started with paper rounds, then started a little babysitting business with another friend, as I got older I got a couple of cleaning jobs and then became an Avon lady. By the time I was half way through school, I was buying my own clothes, hair products ( really hated the supermarket brand ones my mother bought!  ) and my own face products ( I also learnt fairly early on that if by the time I was 38 I still wanted to look 28 I’d better start looking after my skin now !).

I left school at 18 and while all my friends were busy choosing which university they were going to go to, I was deciding what sort of business I was going to start up and begin making money ASAP. Then one day quite by accident, or maybe due to my love of lotions and potions, I landed a job as a trainee beautician in a beauty salon. The pay was dismal and I had to take an extra job at the weekends in a restaurant. From the first day I started I took one look at the two owners and thought I can do this!  so because the course was divided into three modules I did the first on within six months. Left the salon, carried on working in the restaurant and payed for the second module myself, by the time I reached the third module I opened my first beauty salon, at first  business was slow, I was only 20 at the time and had no idea how to run a business, but I was determined to keep going, soon people started recommending each other within five years my little salon was thriving. I had money in the bank, my own car and I could now afford to buy Gucci.

Highs & Lows

In 1991 just as the recession was starting to bite, I made the strange decision to expand my business.  We (that’s me and my then husband, big mistake, our marriage only lasted three years) decided to buy a building which incorporated a large shop premises and residential accommodation above. Remarkably the business did really well those first few years, which is more than I could say for my marriage!. We went through a very messy divorce ( no kids thank heavens ) and almost as if things couldn’t get worse, my ex left me in horrendous debt and even though I kept the property, I couldn’t  sell it because it was in negative equity, the mortgage was crippling me, at the time it was a whopping 15%, and if that wasn’t bad enough the business started going into debt too. I think these were probably my darkest years, I was very unhappy, I was still so young I should have been out there enjoying the fruits of my labours, but all I was doing was running around trying to clear debts and keep the wolf from my door.

This led me to my soul searching years, I started reading Gill Edwards, Louise Hay, Anthony Robbins and many others. It all helped me to start believing in myself again and focus on what was important to me in my life. Gradually business got better , I started to clear all my debts and better still my property began to increase in price. What I realised from all of this was that owning a business like this was not the path to freedom I was hoping for, and after nearly sixteen years in the business I sold out to a chain. It was a fantastic deal for me, I sold my property for three times what we had bought it for, upped sticks and moved to my maternal country, Spain. I bought a beautiful home on the coast, met a wonderful man and in 2004 gave birth to my gorgeous daughter Alicia.

Despite being quite comfortable my independent spirit still kept nudging me, I still hungered for a challenge but what could I do now my priorities had changed? and now it was more  about me being able to spend time with my family.

Then I came across network marketing, it was perfect; very low start up costs, no premises, no staff and very small overheads. It was hard to get back into business mode after taking so much time off and I was a bit slow off the mark at first. Things had changed so much and I started learning as fast as I could and as well as the network marketing opportunity I discovered online marketing and social media. So here I am. I hope you will find this blog useful and informative, I myself am learning all the time, so any useful information you would like to share would be most appreciated.

To our mutual success

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frank February 18, 2011 at 2:23 am

hi Sofia, I would like to meet you personal in Marbella and ask things about how to join you!
I am a German engineer living in Elviria.

admin February 19, 2011 at 6:21 am

Hi Frank, great to hear from you. If you like I can send you to an online presentation which you can view in your own time and we can meet some time next week, let me know which day works best for you, please leave me your email and phone number so I can contact you, you can leave those here on the contact me page of my site. Best regards. Sofia

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