Inner Power: It all boils down to Worthiness

by admin on August 27, 2012

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Finding your innermost strength can be one of the most challenging tasks to pursue. Inner power is usually linked to several factors and one of which is worthiness.

This concept is known as the feeling where you are deeply appreciated by the people around you—not because of how they perceive you, but because of who you are naturally.

Factors like skills, status, physical attributes, financial resources and achievements can have an effect on feeling worthy. Self-worth is also an aspect in determining your level of confidence and self-concept. That is, you can’t achieve all these things successfully without gaining self-worth. What’s more is that all these concepts have something to do with finding your inner strength or power.

Achieving worthiness may not be as easy as it may seem. But, with consistency, discipline and optimism, you will be able to find yourself feeling worthy.

The first step in this process in which, I personally, have gone through is to identify the contributory factors of self-worth and its effect on you.

Do you manifest some behaviors that may suggest low levels of self-worth? What are some of the reasons that make you feel that way? Do these have an effect in the normal functioning of your life? Identifying these things help aid in your quest for worthiness.

Behavioral manifestations of having poor self-worth includes difficulty accepting criticisms, constantly seeking the approval of other people and often unhappy in how you see yourself which leads to putting yourself down. The causes of these behaviors are relative. That is, what contributes to my poor self-worth may not be applicable to you.

Now that you are aware of these things, the next step is to re-examine yourself. Does your own perception of yourself have something to do with how others perceive you? Remember, perception shapes reality. The way you treat and see yourself may contribute with the way others think of you. If you constantly think that you are not good in what you do, it is easily manifested in your behavior which forces others to think the same. This is known as the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now if you want to change this idea, then you have to start to think that you are great in what you do which enables others to think along the same path, that also helps increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Furthermore, think of ways that can increase your self-esteem. Here’s a tip that perfectly works with me and can work on you too. Every time I wake up in the morning, I usually say in front of the mirror that “I am what I am and nothing can put me down. I am important in this world and everyone, no matter what happens will respect me.” Saying this every morning helps me gain a sense of importance and helps me achieve my innermost strength. Positive self-talk can also help increase self-worth.

Remember you can’t change others you can only change yourself and when you do that everything around you begins to change and when you see it reflected back at you from others, then you will truly know your worthiness.

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Is It Wrong To Want More?

by admin on September 17, 2011

As I sit and write this to the sound of crickets and a delicious aroma of jasmine filling the warm September night air, I ponder on why it is that I could possibly want more than this. I am immediately transported back to a time when experiencing this was but a distant dream and I smile as I remember the things that in the back of my mind I always knew; that there is more to us than our physical bodies and that you will never get it done and you can never get it wrong and that with the passage of time I forgot this truth and then I remembered it and then I forgot it and then………..a little bit I guess like going to sleep and then awakening and then going back to sleep again.

Although I know to some people this may seem like nonsense, I am a firm believer that we create our own reality, and the reason I know this is that I know that I created everything that is in my life now and the reason I know this is that I can remember putting the dream together so well.

It was such an enormous relief for me when I realised that we will never get it all done and that to want more from life is our natural state. There will never be a time when we will be “sorted” because when we reach that place we always thought “sorted” was, and we may be happy settling there for a while, we will always be looking to the next thing, we see that in our children and it is true for us too. It’s funny and strange when you live a life that was once a dream to you and still you find yourself in a situation where you want more and you feel a tinge of guilt because this was once something you wanted and yearned for so much and here you are saying; yes, this is nice but now I want….

What I have come to believe over time is that in essence we are growth seeking beings that have come here to grow, to expand and to experience more of ourselves so it’s natural for us to want more and the best part about it is that is that it’s okay. If we stood still and never looked beyond where we are we would never grow, new inventions and new ideas would never come about and we would cease to evolve.

Some people might say I am happy where I am, I am not wanting for anything more. But I tell you this my friends in the privacy of your own thoughts you will be thinking about the things you don’t want and in doing this you set in motion what you do want whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

So what we need to do is to take our power back, to stop blaming this person or that person or our parents or the government, and take more responsibility for the life we want to create for ourselves. Sometimes in our lives things happen that turn us upside down. Why do these things happen that we say we don’t want in our life?  Why is it that some people seem to live such incredibly prosperous and happy lives while others seem to struggle and just barely make it past the minimum wage or even worse settle for what they have, never understanding that we all have enormous potential locked within us to experience life the way we are supposed to.

Over the next few weeks I want to expand further on the subject of how we can create the life we choose and how we can create the life we want. As I embark myself on creating the next chapter in my life my sincerest hope is that you will come here often and that you will reap tremendous benefit from what I will be sharing here over the coming weeks.

Life is supposed to be good for you and to want more is reviving and rejuvenating. The easiest way to enjoy it fully is every day little by little to flow with the stream and not against it. The ride downstream can have it’s obstacles and you need to master how to get round them instead of letting them stopping you in your tracks, once you master this the ride downstream will be fast and fun and in the end you will realise that it really is much easier than you thought.

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In appreciation of you all

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